Acupuncture and How it work?

The body has tremendous ability to heal itself, but sometimes due to prolonged stress or external pathogens we can get sick. Using needles to communicate with the brain and central nervous system the acupuncturist directs the body where to heal itself.

The general theory in acupuncture is that proper function and health depends on the circulation of nutrients, substances, and energy, called “Qi”, through network of channels throughout the body, providing balance, regulation and coordination of physiological process

As the needles are inserted into corresponding energetic pathways, energy is unblocked and new equilibrium is created. Endorphins are released and the nervous system encourages healing.

What Acupuncture Feels Like
Acupuncture needles are hair-thin. People experience acupuncture differently, most people feel minimal or no pain where the needle are inserted. Some people are energized by the treatment, while others feel relaxed and may fall asleep.